Essay about African Slaves Endured And Working And Living Conditions

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Spirituals of Slaves
African slaves endured uncivil working and living conditions. Despite, the sorrow, loneliness and hardship, the slaves established unique spiritual songs in order to cope with their lives. These songs were known as the Negro Spirituals. The Negro Spirituals became a source of strength and foundation of the rising black leadership ideology, which emphasized on liberation and spiritual ties. The Spirituals of the slaves impacted American history by bringing communities together, influencing other cultures and by promoting the abolishment of slavery. To keep the African American slaves active through out the day, while being transported on ships, the captains would stress the importance of singing and dancing. They forced the tribes and clans to remain apart so they would not be allowed to plan rebellion. Although, as they all would dance and sing in their own tunes, slaves were joined by sadness and darkness. The slaves would look to the Bible for answers pertaining to cruel punishments of slavery. Many slaves believed that, in a short time, God would interfere and release them from their slavery. “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” was a song that was often sung by slaves because it served as a reminder that “God was longsuffering.” The book of Psalms was a fundamental part of the Spirituals because it contained scriptures that the slaves identified with. Although, the slaves had a passion for the Pslams, the random composers of black spirituals hardly…

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