African And African American History Essay

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What country do your ancestors come from? In today’s society, people are gradually losing their historical background on how each and everyone migrated into different countries. People deserve to know the truth about the past and present history of their country especially Americas. American generation needs to know that African- Americans today are descendants of slavery. Slavery was one of the darkest periods in the history of African and African-Americans lives. The term “slave” is defined as a person or a group of people who has been forced against their will to work and be owned by another person as a property. Slavery existed throughout the 15th to 19th centuries. The 13th Amendment to the U.S Constitution abolished slavery decades ago but slavery has increased and exists today in a different form. The act of kidnapping and forcing a person to forget about their freedom and liberties and owned as property is inhumane, a human right violation and hardship. Exploitation and manipulation of those who are economically vulnerable has fueled instances of historical and contemporary slavery.
Starting in the 15th century many Africans were forced and were physically removed from their family, homeland, their language and the beliefs and brought into a New World (America). An article entitled “Slavery in Africa” stated that the Atlantic Slave Trade started after the Europeans discovered and established on the west coast of Africa in the mid-15th century. However, before the…

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