Essay on African Americans Faced Injustices Of The South

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Although African Americans faced injustices in the North, they were still able to exercise more rights than in the South. For example, even moving away from the South in large numbers demonstrates a level of faith and care of well-being among African Americans. “… first time in history the negro had taken his affairs into his own hands … Until then, things had been done to the negro, with the negro and for the negro, but never by the negro”. Black people took their lives into their own hands. Instead of simply during oppressive conditions, they left for their own sakes, in order to achieve a greater political voice. Second, while racial prejudice was very visible in the North, its differing society from the South gave black people a stronger sense of citizenship. “I don’t have to mister every little white boy comes along I haven’t heard a white man call a colored a nigger”. While segregation did exist, the North still did not place quite as strong of an emphasis on white superiority. This gave black people faith in themselves and motivation to seek stronger political representation, especially after being limited by southern politics. Next, being able to have a political voice and impact society drove people to better themselves and achieve more. “The number of American school teachers more than doubled, the number of black-owned businesses tripled, and the literacy rate soared from 39% to 85%”. Black people began to flourish in the North and were able to further their…

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