African Americans And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

1328 Words Nov 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Time is a variable of which cannot fully be explained, except the factor that is associated with it; progression. Humans innately perceive the concept; the world we live in continues to revolutionize itself. From early America to present day, change has undergone in various aspects of culture. The culture of African-Americans has progressed with the symbol of equality leading the movement. Many leaders have arisen for the civil rights such as, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Hattie Briscoe. Instead of the size of each individual impact, the common theme is that these individuals were responsible for the overall progression of these early movements into present day. Foundation for the future of equality was laid out from these early activists. Each individual activist is deemed part to a whole, the Civil Rights Movement is a collaborative group effort. From the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, to current day Black Lives Matter; time has shown progression. Hattie Briscoe surfaced as a symbol of revolution for African-Americans and females during the Civil Rights Movement. The revolution that was sparked by these revolutionary figures has progressed widespread culture onto present day movements such as Black Lives Matter. Beginning in the 1950’s, the Civil Rights Movement set the foundation for a revolution of belief to occur. Prominent leaders arose to lead the movement and provide inspiration for all communities to participate in the movement. In a…

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