African Americans And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Since the early 1600’s when the first of the African Americans came to America they have been discriminated and treated as the lesser race. The time between 1887 through present day have seen some of the worst conditions for the African Americans. With such things as Jim Crow laws which were laws put in place for racial segregation, these laws saw the uprising of civil rights which lead to the expansion and worldwide recognition of racial segregation. African Americans responded to this by strikes and civil rights movements, but with people such as Booker T. Washington the presence of fighting back became weaker as Washington wanted to accept racial discrimination, we also see people like Malcom X who have a much more radical view on the civil rights movement. In this paper I will discuss the racism African Americans faced and the actions that were taken to fight it and actions to enforce it. Starting in 1887 conditions were not good for African Americans. They were still being segregated against and treated as second-class citizens. Although after the Civil War, African Americans were given the right to vote and some even went into political positions many whites wanted a “white supremacy.” Whites even killed African Americans to pull them from political position. “Democrats struck back with a campaign of terror and intimidation…Gunner Jesse Blake called a rebellion that establish white supremacy by killing at least twenty blacks.” Gunner Jesse Blake, “Narrative of the…

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