Essay on African Americans And African American History

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Were African Americans considered slaves or were they being enslaved? Two words that look the same, but has two completely different meanings. African American history is built upon these two negative words, which has put these people into a nation that will forever remind them of what they have been through. Moreover, most of history is based upon successful aspect on events which is the reason why the history of African Americans has many omitted information. The practice of the word “slave” is an example of the ignorance that exist in the African American History. In this paper, I will define and discuss the two terms “slave” and “enslaved,” and why they are significant to know when talking about the African American history. Furthermore, I will talk about the importance of an African woman, Sojourner Truth, and how she is an example of why slave is an incorrect term to describe her.
In 1619, African people were shipped to the North American colony of Jamestown to mainly work on the tobacco and rice plantation in order to build up the economic foundations of the new world (White, Bay, Martin, pg 54). This transportation was called the middle passage, which was a part of the transatlantic slave trade between Europe, Africa and the New World. Furthermore, this was the reason to the African diaspora, which is a dispersal of Africans from Africa to the predominantly America, Europe and other areas in the world (Black, 24 Aug, 2016, Lecture). When Africans were brought to…

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