African American Women During The Civil War Essay

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I firmly believe that African American’s have significantly progressed since the year 1865. Before this time in history, blacks were not considered people, but slaves and were nothing more than free labor to slave holders. The treatment these African American people were given could be described as nothing other than heinous. On December 6, 1865 the 13th amendment was ratified and slavery was officially illegal according to the U.S. constitution. Since then, the African American people persevered. Many hold positions in government and even more have accomplished extraordinary obstacles that were once thought impossible over a large spectrum of fields. Not only the men, but the African American women have also contributed to the advancement of their race. These people have made major progress since the end of the Civil War; I see them making much more in the coming time.
After the Civil War ended, President Lincoln made it his personal mission to help the African American people overcome slavery. In 1865, the Reconstruction Era began in the south. Reconstruction began as a way for the south to rebuild and replenish after the mass destruction that the war had left in its place, it also served as a way to support the rights of the newly freed slaves. The south was still bitter at their loss in the war and the majority did not support freedom of the slaves as the majority of crop owners relied almost completely for their harvest. Black Codes, Jim Crows laws, as well as the…

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