African American Resiliency : Examining Racial Socialization And Social Support

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African American Resiliency: Examining Racial Socialization and Social Support The purpose of this study was to examine the importance of racial socialization and social support in the resiliency of African Americans. It is essential to look out how African American life and culture serve as protective factors in overcoming adversity. Racial socialization is a set of behaviors that address how African Americans should feel about their culture and how they react to racial tension in America. Research has found that receiving racial socialization messages that indicated pride and being educated about one’s culture led to positive outcomes academically, mentally, and emotionally. Historically, the family has been a main form of support for African Americans. The community, the church, and fictive kin are also a part of this social network, which contributes to African Americans being able to overcome challenges they face. The strong social support system helps to promote resiliency in African American culture. The sample used in this study were African American college students ranging from different economic backgrounds. The results indicated that resiliency was positively correlated with racial socialization messages and perceived social support.
Transition from Welfare to Work This study looked at how self-esteem and self-efficacy influenced African American women that were on welfare as they transitioned to the workforce. There is the common misperception that most…

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