Advantages Of Metal Roofing

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Advantages of Metal Roofing | Commercial Roofing Dallas
Metal roofing is taking a growing share of the market, and with good reason. The advantages of metal roofing are numerous, and two of its foremost outstanding features are its long lifespan and ability to pay for itself over time. From a functional perspective, metal versus conventional commercial roofing in Dallas offers the following advantages:
• Metal roofing offers a strength and performance unmatched by conventional roofing materials.
• Metal offers a lightweight option, an advantage in roof over projects.
• Metal roofing facilitates insulation upgrades and retrofits.
• Metal roofing has minimal maintenance needs.
• Metal roofing installation is fast.
From an aesthetic and architectural
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A Strong Performer
Today’s metal roofing systems are subject to rigorous testing, including ASTM E1592, UL 580, and TAS 125. Metal roofing that meets or exceeds these testing protocols, when properly installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, can be relied upon to provide exceptional performance in the essential area of wind resistance. In addition, metal roofing has to pass the test for water penetration (ASTM E1646, ASTM E2140, and TAS 114 Appendix G), air infiltration and leakage (ASTM E1680), and wind driven rain (TAS 100, AAMA 501.1).
With the testing involved in today’s metal roofing, the building owner can count on exceptional performance when designed and installed to manufacturer’s specifications by a reputable, and certified commercial roofer.
Lightweight Product
A metal roof is lightweight, as much as half the weight of some conventional materials, yet by far exceed other competitors in strength. This lightweight enables metal roofing to be utilized in roof overs in a number of projects, and avoids the need for costly tear offs and landfill fees.
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Dramatic details pose little problem for an experienced commercial roofer attaching a metal roof. Experienced planning and craftsmanship will ensure your buildings complex design is the work of art the architect intended. Furthermore, metal roofing will install faster than conventional materials, and an additional benefit is that metal roofing is less affected by the weather conditions that could delay roofing projects utilizing other materials for commercial roofing in Dallas.
Numerous Color and Texture Options
The wide availability of color and texture options enable the building owner to match or coordinate the roof with other building features for an overall pleasing design. An additional benefit in color is the ability to reduce heat gain and save on the cost of operating air conditioning by selecting a highly reflective color for your building’s commercial roofing in Dallas.

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