Federalism Advantages

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Federalism first made its apparition when separate units such as independent states decided to come together due to their shared interests and identities to become one country, (Anderson 8). In order for each to remain autonomous, they created a federal government to allow each region to keep governing itself while also imposing limitations put in place by a federal government, (Anderson 8). Federalism is a type of government that is separated in at least two orders of government, which is normally associated with democracies, (Anderson 3). In other words, both orders of government who have sovereignty over the territory must be elected by the population and be held accountable to it, (Anderson 3). The federal government has authority over …show more content…
This essay will discuss federalism’s advantages regarding topics such as the tyranny of the majority, the possibility of choice, experimentation, the protection of liberty and economic growth. In addition, it will also cover a few negative points about federalism, such as federal spending powers
The Separation of Power Prevents Tyranny of the Majority Tyranny of the majority is prevented by the separation of power in a federal democracy. A democracy is considered to represent the majority while respecting every individual’s rights as well as those of the minorities, (Malcolmson, Myers5). To make sure of this instance, it is present in Canada’s written constitution, (Malcolmson, Myers5). Due to the fact that in a federal democracy there is a separation of power, it minimizes the chances of tyrannical acts. In other words, placing the powers in the hands of two different governments makes it more difficult for them to act in a discriminatory manner, (Malcolmson, Myers38). In the United States, it is also said that because both governments were democratically elected, competition is created for public favour. This rivalry meant that the risk of tyranny was minimized some more between the two branches of government, (Malcolmson, Myers 38). The separation of powers allows for the minorities to be protected and have their rights
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By lowering trade barriers between political communities, reducing self-reliance and valuing economic policy-making in these communities, and using natural and human resources across the country, a common market can promote economic prosperity and national integration, (Kincaid 85). Given that a market needs a government framework, albeit limited, to uphold the rule of law, protect property and enforce contracts, constitutional federalism has emerged as a means to provide a government framework for the common market while retaining important powers and functions for the political communities that have joined the union, (Kincaid 85). The division and sharing of powers between a general trade union government and the constituent political communities could resolve the need to restrict the power of the trade union government and the constituent governments for freedom of the market, as well as the necessity to meet the cultural and political demands of the constituent political communities for the preservation of their political and governmental integrity, (Kincaid 85). These objectives have in part motivated the founding of the United States of America at the end of the 18th century and the founding of the European Union at the end of the 20th century, (Kincaid

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