Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wedding Parties

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Getting married is really actual, huge and controversial discussion in our country. Especially nowadays, at the 21st century we have access to lots of exceptional details, extraordinary designs, unusual performances and attractive, rich apparels. People have to decide several months or even years before the official date, compose an outline and think over how to organize the overall event. Also, planning a budget is an essential and very important part of the party. Only recently has literature begun to focus on the value of doing expensive weddings and does it really cost so much. This paper will specifically focus on the types of such weddings and define do they worth huge amount of money that newlyweds normally spend in Kazakhstan. Also to be examined is comparison of advantages and disadvantages for both: small wedding party in narrow circle of acquainted people and against, the huge memorable wedding event in an enormous ballroom. Through review of relevant wedding literature, the notion of weddings as a marriage process will be emphasized.
Getting married is a life-changing event with broad legal and financial implications. Marriage has been getting a bad reputation lately, and it’s entirely unjustified. Decades of studies on human wellbeing provide the same conclusions consistently: by every measure, marriage wins over staying single or living
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Thus, the research question that would guide the project would be: “Do high cost and expensive weddings worth it?” Problem-focused capabilities are used if a solution to the problem is considered within the couples’ and parents capabilities, whilst economic situation and possibilities of invited people are used if the situation is well and positively perceived by the guests, because there financial status also means a

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