Free Trade Affecting America's Economy

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Houman Yekzaman
Trade has an important role in all countries economy. Import and export can help governments to boost their countries economy or fix their budget with trade. Many people believe that only export is beneficial and can create job and import is harmful. For this reason, many businessmen or authorities try to bring back many companies from overseas to America again and they believe this way can help the America’s economy and create a lot of jobs as a result increase the unemployment rate. Today, it is an important and hot debate in political environment and some parties are agree or disagree with this decision. Important point is that import can create job and help to increase the unemployment rate, if economists study this topic
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In this system, price for good and serves will set between buyer and seller and government does not limit or force them with many laws. In this method, countries do import or export goods without any tariffs or taxes. Free market can help to increase export and import, and make benefits for small businesses. Also, customers can buy products with lower prices. There are some obstacles that make free trade hard and complicated. The tariffs are one of them. According to mike moffatt, a tariff is simply a tax or duty placed on an imported good by a domestic government. Tariffs are usually levied as a percentage of the declared value of the good, similar to a sales tax. The tariffs are a sale tax bout the only different between them is the tariffs rates will change depend on goods and tariffs will not apply for domestic …show more content…
According to this contract, they could do free trade between each other and made them largest free trade market in the world. The Gold of this contract was to create jobs, make those countries economy better and raise living standards in America, Canada, and Mexico. After NAFTA, America created many jobs and improve the economy. “U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico support more than three million American jobs and U.S. trade with NAFTA partners has unlocked opportunity for millions of Americans by supporting Made-in-America jobs and exports” (Office). NAFTA helped to small businesses to products many stuffs and sell them to CANADA and MEXICO. This agreement helped to producers increase their outputs and hired many workers make more and more goods and export them to other

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