The Role Of Immigrants In The United States

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"Immigrant Father Reunited with Children before Father 's Day." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2015.
Many people come to the U.S. not just for economic opportunity, but for safety. Countries such as Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala where there 's a huge amount of violence such as state violence and cartel violence. The “Border Crisis” which is basically speeding up deportations. Started in the summer of 2014. Where America has four to five million undocumented immigrants in its country. President Barack Obama wanted to reform the immigration system in which more people are being deported or already have. Congress asked for 879 million dollars for detention and removal of illegal immigrants. The video outlines the life of Marques and
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In the U.S. there are 41 million immigrants. The United States immigration laws are so restrictive that it has limited immigration in work related reasons mostly among the highly educates such as scientist and engineers. About a quarter of the men and women that are STEM workers in the last 50 years are foreign- born. Immigrants found 25% of new high tech companies. Highly educated immigrants are a huge benefit to the economy, so are uneducated immigrants. The main point of this is that immigration is really beneficial to our economy. There are many topics that are covered in this article such as economic effects of immigration, economic reason and immigration reforms. The article is about how immigration has shaped American and the economic effects of …show more content…
Pew research says that six in ten Hispanic adults say that the increasing number of deportations is bad. In 2013 438,000 immigrants were deported since they came here illegally and sent back to their country. In which 240,000 of the people that were deported were non criminals and the rest were criminals. Eighty-three percent of deportation are carried out without appearing before a judge. Many U.S. born children are orphaned because of deportation since their parents are illegal. Studies show that the threat of deportation causes a huge amount of stress on children out of fear. Less than half of the families that are separated due to deportation

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