Essay about Adolf Machiavelli 's The Prince

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Machiavelli, a Renaissance philosopher, had an ideal image for a ruler as he discusses in his book, The Prince. The perfect prince should institute fear, punish the criminals, and know how to handle the hate. However, the prince must also have the qualities of cleverness, wiseness, and to be manipulative. Joseph Stalin, a ruler of the USSR, is often compared to Machiavelli’s idea of a leader. Stalin used tactics to institute fear, control his population, and control others, just like Machiavelli would agree too. Stalin grew up being treated unfair during his childhood, a part of that lingered with him as he needed his absolute power to makeup for his earlier life, and to get this absolute power he used fear. Stalin’s reign is full of cruelty, which instills fear into his citizens. Machiavelli discusses if it is better to be fear or loved, and while his image is to be both, that is not possible. Stalin follows Machiavelli’s idea in which, “it is much safer to be feared than loved,” (Machiavelli 102). Stalin used different tactics to scare his citizens into following his orders. He had concentration camps to throw people in, even if he did not have a valid reason. He made new laws that allowed to him execute more people, including children under the age of twelve. If all ages of his citizens are scared of him, then he is most likely to have less revolts. Machiavelli discusses how fear scares people out of revolting, because they are aware of the consequences. However,…

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