Essay about Adolescence in the Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye

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Adolescence in the Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye
Adolescence in the Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye

Adolescence is the period between puberty and adulthood. Every teenager experience this moment in life differently some sail through happily to carry on with a peaceful life where as others are less fortunate and find that this moment is much more harder and stressful then they thought. Esther Greenwood and Holden Caulfield are one of the less fortunate and have bad experiences through their adolescent.
Salinger and Plath present this in their novels Catcher in the Rye and
The Bell Jar. Both novelists use first person narrative giving us as readers a more personal description about their story, involving us more into their
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Again presenting the pressure he feels becoming a man and a husband who will have the ability to deliver sexual pleasure to his wife. The pressure of virginity from a male perspective is more embarrassing because men have a choice to stay pure or not before marriage and nearly all of
Holden’s friends have lost their virginity and brag about their experiences to Holden, this gains more pressure for Holden who might feel he needs to loose his virginity so he isn’t the minority among his friends. Esther feels that her virginity is holding her down like a ‘millstone’ and she wants to release it to become lighter “I saw the world divided into people who had slept with somebody and people who hadn’t”. It shows that she feels pressure from the society to loose her virginity because women are expected to stay pure until their wedding night; Esther wants to rebel against this idea after she learns that Buddy has slept with somebody in the summer. She finds that virginity is impractical because even someone like Buddy who portrays himself as angelic is not a virgin and Esther doesn’t except double sexual standard for men and women “ I couldn’t stand the idea of a woman having to have a single pure life

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