Addicts Avoiding Jail By Claiming Addiction Essay

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Addicts avoiding Jail by claiming addiction is a medical problem
More and more drug addicts are avoiding jail time by claiming that addiction is a medical problem. What a person does to his/her body is their own choice, but once he/she starts committing crimes to get more drugs, or as a result of being under the influence, they need to be punished for it. Too many people are getting away with committing crimes by claiming that his/her addiction is a mental health problem and they cannot be held responsible for what they do while under the influence. Instead of making excuses for those who choose to make the wrong decisions, society, as a whole needs to ensure that each person is held responsible for his or her own actions
Most people that do drugs frequently or on a regular basis are habitual law breakers, and by committing crimes regularly, they put everyone around them in danger or at least at risk. Research from various cities including: New York, Baltimore, Miami, and more shows that between 95 and 99.8 percent of drug addicts have participated in multiple crimes during the period of using drugs. According to David N. Hanlon et al.,” 38% of addicts have committed robbery, 21% assault, 53% burglary, 19% auto theft, 38% forgery, 62% shoplifting, and 84% drug dealing” (223). With that being said if more addicts were held accountable for their actions there would be a lot less crime. Not only would this get the current criminals off the street it would discourage others…

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