Addiction : An Addiction Or Bad Habit Essay

1216 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 5 Pages
Everyone has an addiction or a bad habit. Some people’s are biggers than others and some people will not want to admit to theirs, but everyone has one. My clients addiction, or habit if you will is that she really likes to caffeine. The teen I talked to was a Junior in High School and she was not sure on whether she wanted help or not. Her family had signed her up because they thought she had a caffeine problem. When she walked in she seemed a little fidgety and she seemed to refuse to make eye contact with me. My client kept trying to change the subject on me. For example, when I would ask her a question about her family she would try to change the subject by talking about a family dinner and then asking me what my favorite food is. This young lady started her caffeine addiction in Middle School. When asked why she started drinking caffeine drink she said, “I originally started drinking Monsters, Amp, Rockstars, and anything else that had caffeine in it because all of my friends were doing it and I wanted to be cool like them, but then I started drinking them all the time because of stress and I just I do not want to stop.” The client refuses to recognize the problem she just believes that she, herself, does not want to stop. My client finds her family as a stressor and her friends as support. She believes that her family bullies her because they take her caffeine away. I believe that my client’s problem is actually bigger than she thinks and it is indeed a problem.

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