Acquainted With The Night By Robert Frost Essay

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“Acquainted with the Night” In Robert Frost 's, “Acquainted with the Night,” Frost uses symbolism to expand his feelings of hopelessness, suffering, and injustice by writing predominately in images using poetic elements to reiterate depth and occurrences through repetition and punctuation. In analyzing “Acquainted with the Night,” Frost uses symbolism to relate the vast darkness of the night with inner turmoil deepening the desolation of himself. Double-voiced wording relates symbolism and imagery by associating charge words like “watchman,” “luminous clock,” and “time” with Frost 's own demise relevant to the lonely night. Frost details, symbolism and imagery with poetic elements, such as personification and synecdoche to make alienation more tangible, interrelating observations and emotions fulfilling the entirety of the poem. Frost minimizes adjectives, choosing concrete nouns to relate emotions through imagery. The theme of anguish and grief continues with Frost 's writing style of rhyming, spacing, and repetition. Frost 's “Acquainted with the Night,” symbolizes the darkness of the night illustrating hate, violence, ugliness, frustrations, and despair society delivers daily. The theme of isolation is supported by Frost claiming, “I have outwalked the furthest city light...down the saddest city lane” (3-4). The setting moves away from society and begins to focus on individual turmoil. Concrete words like “rain” and “cry” reinforce tone by adding weather and sound…

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