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WestJet Airlines Ltd is a world famous low- cost and high- value airlines company in Canada, which provide scheduled and airline service to 91 destinations in North America. In 2011, Cheryl Smith was being executive vice – president and CIO of WestJet. She could take WestJet go to “next level” as soon as possible by information technology governance and corporate strategy.
This report is talking about the information technology governance and corporate strategy of WestJet Airlines on Business Processes reengineering and Controls. There are four main parts in this report. IT Governance has five specific areas which are considered by responsible of managing IT, and Smith’s plan could relate to these five areas. Then, Smith
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Adding value
Adding value means it is expected that the IT of the WestJet and consisting to the business in areas like ease of use, the satisfaction of customer, profitability and productivity. Furthermore, Smith could use accounting-based metrics to measure in adding value area. For example, save for cost, investment returning, or even qualitative checking. So it is a positive area to calculating.

Managing risk
It is very important and emergency for WestJet that Smith has to keep the WestJet’ information and technology resources safety, then providing reliable and useful operations to make adequate disaster recovery plans to solve IT problem. Moreover, it has a relationship with the information system, establishment and operation of suitable internal controls.

Matching IT to strategy
Peter and Jeanne ( 2004 ) argued that the effective IT governance try to increase useful behaviors to earn the performance goals and business’s stratev.Smith should consider the present WestJet’s plan and the plan in the future, and the IT will support these goals. It leads to potential differences between systems design, process design and strategy which connects strategy, process design and systems design together. The role of IT governance in WestJet becomes more and more important which providing useful strategy, manages IT department, supporting business processes and making WestJet

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