Accounting Essay

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You are a student mentor. A student is considering becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and asked you for advice. In response, write a formal memo that describes the careers of a CMA and CIA, how they differ, and how to choose between them.
Here are two CMA and CIA sources:

CMA website:
CIA website:
You have to find two other credible sources.
Meet the following requirements:

* Use proper memo conventions:


To: [Tab in to create a straight alignment]
From: ____________________________________________
Date: ____________________________________________
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* Create a professional and encouraging tone.

* Write clearly, concisely, and correctly. Edit and proofread your memo. Since you’ve already received extensive feedback on the earlier assignment, no credit will be awarded for poorly edited memos containing mechanical errors.

* Provide APA references for the sources used (

* Insert APA in-text references throughout the memo identifying the source of your information (

* Create a corresponding APA reference list at the end of your memo

* Submit your memo as a Word file to the appropriate ASP Cost Accounting Blackboard assignment page. Grading: Review the rubric provided on Blackboard, it is used for grading. The assignment will be graded based on, but not limited to, your knowledge of the subject matter, organization statement, organization of ideas, and format. Carefully proofread your work prior to submission. Sentences must be grammatically correct, properly structured, and concisely written.

Specific grading policies follow:

* Students must be assessed as Competent or Exemplary in all Student Learning Outcomes listed on the grading rubric to receive credit for the assignment.

* Revisions are required for all students assessed as Developing in no

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