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IT is Essential to Business
Based on the Summary of Three Articles

Information technology is increasingly becoming vital for corporate and business businesses. For example, many companies are already supplying on-line products and services, advertising products and solutions by using their sites or utilizing the on-line world for marketing and advertising uses. IT is important on our business and it influences every aspect of corporate and business when doing work. What we want to know is why and how IT is essential to business. In this paper, the summary of three related articles will be illustrated to answer the question we would like to know. At the very beginning of our textbook, the
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Fifthly, the author reminds us we should make a line between too much and not enough. These are two limits of making good use of IT in business. It’s not only in dollars but also in time. Last but not the least, the author suggests that we need to decide who will help us implement the technology in business. A good consultant is the recommendation; he or she will help us use some good free software in our business. [3] This article provides us a general understanding of the IT using in business from many different aspects to further illustrate why we need IT and how we use IT in business.
The third article is a very good example in detail. It tells us IT is a very important item in business when competing with others in today’s environment. Many changes are made in order to adapt to today’s situation, one of the change is business process reengineering (BPR). One important part in BPR and enable it to work is information technology. The author in this article mainly demonstrates the importance of IT in BPR [4] and how it improves the companies’ work [5], although there are still some other factors exist. It then gets conclusion that information technology can help companies make improvements on variable things, such as costs and delivery time.[6]
In conclusion, all the three articles support the opinion that IT is essential to business no matter from the background of the whole world

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