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Chapter 1 Question 1-18
Consumers Union is a nonprofit organization that provides information and counsel on consumer goods and services. A major part of its function is testing of different brands of consumer products that are purchased on the open market and then the reporting of results of the tests in Consumer Reports, a monthly publication. Examples of the types of products it tests are middle-sized automobiles, residential dehumidifiers, flat-screen TVs, and boys’ jeans.
a.) In what ways are the services provided by Consumers Union similar to assurance services provided by CPA firms? The services provided by Consumers Union are very similar to assurance services provided by CA firms. The services provided by Consumers
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Engagement performance
b.) Each office of the firm shall be visited at least annually by review persons selected by the director of accounting and auditing. Procedures to be undertaken by the reviewers are illustrated by the office review program.
c.) All potential new clients are reviewed before acceptance. The review includes consultation with predecessor auditors and background checks. All new clients are approved by the firm management committee, including assessing whether the firm has the technical competence to complete the engagement.
Acceptance and continuation of clients and engagements
d.) Each audit engagement must include a concurring partner review of critical audit decisions.
Human resources
e.) Audit engagement team members enter their electronic signatures in the firm’s engagement management software to indicate the completion of specific audit program steps. At the end of the audit engagement, the engagement management software will not allow archiving of the engagement file until all audit program steps have been electronically signed.
e.) continued
Engagement performance
f.) At all stages of any engagement, an effort is made to involve professional staff at appropriate levels in the accounting and auditing decisions. Various approvals of the manager or senior accountant are obtained throughout the audit.
Engagement performance
g.) No employee will

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