Accountability and Being on Time Essay

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The dictionary defines punctual as: Acting or arriving exactly at the time appointed; prompt. Under the rigid and disciplined structure of military life there is no margin for error. The slightest modicum of hesitation or procrastination can result in the tragic loss of innumerable lives. There are many circumstances where a failure to be prompt could have dire consequences. Under certain circumstances not arriving for guard duty at the designated time could allow a breach of security that could ultimately end in the brutal murder of your peacefully slumbering, unsuspecting battle buddies at the zealous hands of our insurgent foes. Choosing an example from a different segment of the spectrum of responsibility, we see how a noncommissioned …show more content…
It would be negligent if I were to disregard the other side of the coin in the process of this exposition. Sometimes the quest for punctuality can reach the level of obsession. When this line is breached as a result of inner pressure the cause is usually diagnosed as some form of obsessive compulsive disorder. This condition can be treated with medication and therapy. When this extreme compulsion towards punctuality is reached by means of external influence the results can be tragic. For an example of this I reach outside the realm of military service and draw upon an incident brought to our attention by recent headlines. I am referring of course to the railroad crash just a few months ago near Osaka, Japan. This was Japan’s fourth worst post-war railway accident. By the time the dust settled the final cost to human life was 106 dead including the young conductor, not to mention the 540 wounded. The investigation shows that the train was traveling at 100 KPH around a curve rated at a maximum of 70 KPH. This caused five of the passenger train’s cars to derail and smash into a condominium building. What was the hurry you might wonder? Apparently conductors who are late have to attend an extensive retraining course which consists of meaningless, menial work such as weeding, etcetera while being shouted at and intimidated by superiors. This program sounds strangely reminiscent of the Army’s corrective training

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