Accidental Buddhist Essay

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Sarah Belden
REL 1111.223
Warren Kappler
16 March 2013

The Accidental Buddhist
By: Dinty W. Moore I’d never heard of this book before I started this class. I’ve always been interested in the nature and customs of different cultures in other countries. That may be one of the reasons why I took this class. I believe another reason is that I had already taken Western Religion and wanted to learn more. This book didn’t really spark my interest at first but after I got to reading it I seemed to keep going back to it and reading more. In the book the author Dinty Moore takes a year and begins to ponder the shift to Buddhism. He does this along with a couple other Americans. Along with some other things that he does he got to a strict
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One of the things that challenge Mr. Moore to slow down and appreciate wisdom is his fear that forty-five years of work and the worry of twenty years over lost opportunities will zip past him. The author knows full well a few hours of practicing Buddhism over a years’ time won’t bring on dazzling illuminations. However, after he attends a second Zen retreat gets a glimpse of more than he had in the beginning. He tries as a mediator to silence the restless “monkey man” inside, before calming down: “Maybe enlightenment is when the monkey just sees the sunset and when the sunset ends that monkey just looks at the stars.” Another thing Moore brings up is that “You can’t slow the brain down with a few brief attempts any more easily than you can stop a speeding freight train with a white picket fence.” To the authors astonishment he adapts well to being able to sit still. Even though there are no dramatic changes in his life he grows calmer, more equitable, and perhaps become a lot happier. Instead of being a self-promoting journey towards insight this book ends up being very quiet. If this book were found at the right time and in the right mood it should be satisfying to a patient and quiet seeker. However, this could be too much for the eager inquirers to handle. Concerning whether God

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