Acadians Essay

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Pittman 1

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The expulsion of the Acadians in the Eyes of the British Officials

Miranda Pittman
HIST 1405
Dr. Darren Ferry
Tuesday October 16, 2012
Pittman 2 Charles Lawrence, Governor of the province of Nova Scotia made the decision of deporting the Acadians and his major superiors thought it was an intelligent dispatch [...] (Griffiths, 128). There are many different reasons to why the British Officials went through with this deportation. The British Officials conducted the expulsion of the Acadians between 1755 and 1758 from Nova Scotia. The Acadians were not fully trusted and became an obstacle for the British Officials to take full control of Nova Scotia. The British Officials wanted to
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They were considered as a threat because they could be secretly working against them and with the French. For that reason, the British made their decision to throw out the Acadians from their home land. The rising tension between the French and the British was another reason why the British conducted the deportation of the Acadians. The colonial French administrators wanted to take over Nova Scotia and bring Acadia back within the French Empire. Joseph Saint- Ovide de Brouillan, the governor of Ile Royal, made tentative plans to retake Nova Scotia assured by his advisors the French would be seen as liberators (Plank 108). The French attack on the Canso was intended as a first step toward recapturing all of Nova Scotia. The French wanted to take over the fishery in the North Atlantic influencing more Acadians to side with them. Deciding to attack the Canso was a mistake for the French because the British decided to bring New Englanders for the moment the fighting began (Plank, 108). The Canso became a war zone, but the British won and gained back Canso. The British was suspicion of the Acadians neutrality because the French invaded Casno. The British already had suspicions of the Acadians favoring the French and the attack pushed it even farther. The British Officials wanted to prevent this from happening again by deportating the Acadians from Nova Scotia. By kicking out the Acadians the British could take

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