Academic Failure Essay

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Reducing the rate of academic failure is an ambitious task. Identifying the root causes that lead to academic failure has been an endeavour undertaken by many researchers and educational philosophers for decades. Yet, the problem still exists. Whereas in a recent published report, the national high school graduation rate experienced an increase to an all time high of 81% in 2012-2013 (United States Department of Education, 2015), the trend continues to grow for the creation of alternative paths to graduation in order to compensate for the growing academic needs and shortfalls of high school students (Caroleo, 2014; Smith & Thompson, 2014). For the purposes of this study, one specific cause will be highlighted and discussed. Specifically, …show more content…
Researchers argue that while this is a feasible option for structuring the learning environment to meet student’s needs, it is not the only option for addressing the issue (Roybal et al., 2014). Of greater need is the personalization of the learning environment where “small learning communities are created where opportunities to learn and teach are combined with learning supports that enable a school to become positive and developmentally enhancing through the removal of developmentally hazardous conditions” (Felner, Seitsinger, Brand, Burns, & Bolton, 2007, p.210). This approach has shown signs of not only improving a student’s connection to the school, and increase in academic achievement (McClure, Yonezawa, & Jones, 2010; Roybal et al., 2014), but also provide the opportunity to develop a deep sense of community, stable relationships, and deep connections with teachers and classmates (Ellerbrock,

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