Dora's Observation

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Dora B. is an 86 year old Caucasian woman from the Antelope Valley. She is a retired Microbiology professor, business owner and author. I interviewed Dora who first and foremost is one of the most remarkable women I have ever known. Dora grew up with a hard working father a self –made man as she puts it and a mother who was a housewife and two brothers, one older than she and one younger. When most women during that era were destined to the kitchen and raising children, she was progressive and sought to become a scientist. Dora was encouraged by her father to pursue her interest in science she graduated from college in 1945 with a B.S. in chemistry something that she adds was “unheard” of at that time. After obtaining her degree in …show more content…
This is the golden rule and she firmly believes that has contributed to her longevity and positive outlook on life. Dora admits that her memory is not what it used to be, during my interview with her, I noticed that she was able to recall events that occurred when she was an adolescent and younger adult, however it was difficult for her to recall events that happened a few days ago. At one point she stated that she used to be “so smart” and now she is “dingy.” Based upon this statement and her lack to recall recent events, I would gather that the developmental stage that Dora is currently experiencing is consistent once again with Erickson’s final psychosocial development stage ego integrity vs. despair. This is clearly evident when Dora reflects upon her life including all aspects, the good and the bad. According to Erickson as we grow older and become senior citizens there is a tendency to slow down and mentally recapture the pitfalls and accomplishments of our lives which in turn can lead to depression and a sense of hopelessness. Once again it would be appropriate to state that Dora is currently experiencing Erickson’s final development stage in which integrity vs. despair is clearly applicable. It is during this time in one’s life self -evaluation is

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