The Gettysburg Address And The Emancipation

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Abraham Lincoln was the liberator of enslaved Africans-Americans. Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery, liberated the slaves from the confederate, and made everyone free. He issued many emancipations and wrote the letter the Gettysburg Address. Abolished slavery and united the country once again. He was a member of the Whig Party and then became a Republican. Lincoln presidency lasted for two terms, and he changed the United States during his presidency. He was the only president who fought for the rights for the Africans-Americans. The Gettysburg Address and the emancipation helped the union to come together again. Abraham Lincoln was an unselfish liberator who stopped slavery, fought for the rights of African-Americans, and gave freedom to everyone. …show more content…
Abraham Lincoln’s parents’ names were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln, but when Lincoln was nine-years-old when his mother died of tremolo ( 1 paragraph, section Childhood). Abraham Lincoln had to get a job performing manual labor to earn money. While his family and he moved to Illinois, they had to live in a log cabin, which he helped to build by gathering wood that he also used to build a fence. According to, Lincoln began his political career after the Black Hawk War. He was elected state legislature in Illinois in 1834 and became a member of the Whig party. He was the only one who gave loyalty to the party in which he stood in the House of Representatives from 1847 to 1849 even though the Whig party was breaking apart. Furthermore, Abraham Lincoln worked with his colleague, William Herndon, who practiced law and made a good living as a lawyer until Springfield ran out of cases that needed to be resolve. After Lincoln finished his position in the House of Representatives, he became a lobbyist in the Illinois Central Railroad as an …show more content…
The Africans-Americans escaped from the confederate because they did not give them a break. Almost every day an African was mistreated since the owners were exhausting them. Many Africans escaped to the Union; however, some of them only made it to the Union. The Confederate was the only headache that President Lincoln had because since he became president the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was that every state was free to take any decision and that is how slavery spread throughout the

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