Abraham Lincoln And The Civil War Essay example

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The Civil War separated families and divided the country. Neighbors turned enemies, brothers found themselves at the opposite sides of the battlefield, and a once unified country tore apart at the hinges. Four years of war slowly glued the country back together, forcing the Confederacy back into the Union. As the Union began to win more battles, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, a document that granted slaves freedom from servitude. At the end of the war, the southern half of the United States underwent a massive overhaul called reconstruction. Federal troops and generals kept order in the south to prevent any more uprisings as the south tried to rebuild what it had lost during the war. In a speech at the dedication of Soldier’s National Cemetery, Abraham Lincoln outlined his vision of a “new birth of freedom”. This “new birth of freedom” was never born. Targeted assassinations, a lack of economic freedom, and prejudiced laws excluded African Americans from the “new birth of freedom”. Although black slaves were granted freedom of servitude by man, they were not granted freedom of servitude from society. The suspension of Habeas Corpus and lack of southern self-governance at the onset of reconstruction, gave southern democrats more reasons to despise the north, and as an extension, the newly freed blacks. The post-war recession of the south greatly infuriated the ruling white democrats. Hurricane and Brierfield, both plantations owned by Jefferson Davis,…

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