Abnormal Psychology : Abnormal Behavior Essay

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Depending on the cultural and individual background in which one is affiliated, defining what behavior is abnormal can be complicated. Abnormal behavior can be described as behavior that is dysfunctional or veer away from what society sees as the norm or commonplace. These abnormal behaviors can be recognized subjectively because the behaviors are not congruent with the norm expected of the particular group, age or society. According to the website Simplypsychology.org, in an article entitled Abnormal Psychology by Saul MacLeod, one is labeled abnormal when they behave outside of what is usual for the majority of people in a particular societal group. Macleod also suggests what is considered abnormal and normal can change over time (2009). It should also be noted that some abnormal behaviors are considered normal under certain circumstances. For example, anxiety would be a normal response before having to do something one perceives as unpleasant. However, a person with an anxiety disorder has the symptom of anxiety even when not facing an unpleasant task according to an article by the National Institute of Mental Health (2016). The psychology dictionary states that behaviors that reflect potential danger to one’s own well-being, employment, everyday function or to others would be considered abnormal behavior (2016).
In the counseling profession the purpose of a diagnosis is multifold. A diagnosis is a label assigned to designate a set of specific signs and symptoms. The…

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