A2 Hosting A Web Hosting Company Essay examples

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A2 Hosting is a web hosting company founded in 2003. This company touts more than 100,000 active customers using this company?s servers and services. Here are some questions and answers pertaining to A2 Hosting that help anyone decide whether or not to purchase any of this company?s services.

1. Who needs A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting works for anyone who needs any level of IT services. People who want a basic WordPress site can have A2 Hosting serve as the host for one website, five databases and unlimited storage. On the higher end of the spectrum, dedicate hosting allows businesses to have complete control over the web server, website and data management. Most of this work happens remotely as opposed to in person. Companies pay monthly fees for A2 Hosting?s services.

2. What are A2 Hosting?s current prices?

The most basic WordPress hosting starts at $3.92 per month. For this price, customers get one website, five databases, unlimited storage, a money-back guarantee, unlimited transfer and free SSD. The highest WordPress hosting gives users unlimited websites, databases, storage and transfer alongside a money-back guarantee, a turbo website that?s 20 times faster than A2 Hosting?s basic offerings, free SSD and A2?s site accelerator for $9.31 per month.

On the higher end, A2 Hosting has dedicated hosting that starts at $99.59 per month. For that price, consumers get to customize a server?s needs, have complete isolation from other servers and choose a management level. The…

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