A Woman Act And Think Like A Man Essay

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A Woman Act and Think Like a Man Lady Macbeth is the most famous female character in one of the William Shakespeare’s play, which is called Macbeth. In this great play, Lady Macbeth is Macbeth’s wife, she is the greatest and highest influence to Macbeth. Simultaneously, she plays an important role on manipulating Macbeth 's rising and falling claim in his process of become a Lord. Lady Macbeth is a woman who is brave, intelligent, and decisive. Although in the Shakespeare 's time, women were regarded as insignificant and unrespectable, in this play, Lady Macbeth is very important to Macbeth and everyone is very respected her. Most importantly, Lady Macbeth is the one who gives the biggest influence in the process of her husband becoming the Lord. Besides, in this play, Lady Macbeth has many soliloquies, they are powerful and formidable. Through those soliloquies, audiences will realize she is a woman with manliness, cruelness, and ruthlessness. Moreover, a soliloquy is a dramatic self to self conversation. It is a convention when a character is alone and speaks her thoughts out loud to herself. At the same time, it is a way for the audience to know more about the character’s inner feeling and thoughts. In the play of Macbeth, Shakespeare uses many soliloquies on the character of Lady Macbeth, which lets the audiences realize how ruthless she is. Lady Macbeth is a dominant character in the play. A.C Bradley, an English literary scholar, and the author of the article,…

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