A Visit From The Goon Squad Essay

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In “A visit from the Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan the main character, Sasha, at first, comes off as a selfish thief, but the items she steals make us look past her self-centered attitude. Sasha is a very troubled person who has a compulsive stealing problem. Coz, her therapist, believes that her problem has something to do with her father leaving her at age six. Sasha, obviously, has gone through a very tough childhood and by the fact that no one, not even her therapist (6), knows her real age proves that Sasha has not emotionally attached to many people. Sasha’s stealing problem isn’t like most because she doesn’t steal money or credit cards from people, she steals the personal items. Sasha has never been able to connect with people, so she turns to stealing their personal items to emotionally connect with them.
In the plumber story, Sasha describes to Coz how she took the plumbers screwdriver when he wasn’t looking. Egan describes Sasha as feeling that “she needed to hold the screwdriver, just for a minute… And once the screwdriver was in her hand, she felt instant relief” (7-8). The screwdriver is what represented the plumber because every plumber needs a screwdriver to do his work. Sasha has nothing in her life that represents her besides the items that she steals, so she felt obligated to steal the screwdriver to make a connection with the plumber. After she took it, she felt relieved because it felt like her urge was satisfied and that she emotionally connected with a…

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