Essay on A View On Individuality By Santha Rama Rau

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A view on individuality can be formed in many different ways. One way in particular is the formation of someone’s culture. Beliefs, religion, music, and so much more make up the concept of culture. A person’s aspect of the world around them can be influenced by culture.

Someone’s personal culture can result in them having a negative experience. By Any Other Name by Santha Rama Rau, is a story about two Indian sisters that go to an English school. The girls experience racism and hatred because of their skin color and where they come from. They even get bullied by the administrators from the school, “Oh, my dears, those are much too hard for me. Suppose we give you pretty English names” (Rau 35). The girls have never experienced something like this before. They were being forced to change who they were. Although most of the school came from some fort of English background, the girls, however, were not the one Indian students attending there. The other students were ashamed of who they were because of their cultural heritage, “The enormous black eyes of the little Indiana girl from my class looked at my food longingly, so I offered her some. But she only shook her head and plowed her way solemnly through her sandwiches” (Rau 37). How these children grew up were different compared to other people. There cultures are different. Because of them having a different culture, it caused them to be the outcasts and were no longer happy with who they were. Their prospective of the…

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