Essay A Very Brief Political Biography

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A Very Brief Political Biography

Growing up I had a primarily political upbringing outside of my own household (my parents were largely apolitical). From the age of four I recall memories of listening to political discussions between extended relatives, of whom I was both close to in geographical proximity as well as viewing them in close moral proximity to purity of intentions and spirit. These relatives were steeped in the some of the most conservative traditions of American politics which included support of the Iraq war, anti-gay marriage, anti-welfare, a suspicious admiration for all things southern (despite living in Pennsylvania), a strong protestant background, and a seething McCarthy era hatred of communism. This is not to say all conservatives hold these values but there does seem to be a constant underlying tone of distrust as well as paranoia at varying levels. Several years pass and I find myself walking up the hill surrounding the Washington Monument. I walk over the crest of the hill and look down to see thousands of people in the National Mall for the “Restoring Honor Rally”. This was the height of my conservatism. I no longer had the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness I had felt all of my life. I saw that the people when motivated could truly make a difference. As a strong Tea-Party Libertarian and political geek I had spent years arming myself with arguments from original intent of the Founders, John Locke, Glenn Beck, David Barton,…

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