A Transcendentalist Writer By Ralph Emerson And David Thoreau

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Transcendentalist is a philosophy that was started in the early 19th century. Walt Whitman, Ralph Emerson, and David Thoreau are some of the more popular writers of this movement. Emily Dickinson was born during the middle of this movement. Many people call her a transcendentalist writer. Others think that since Dickinson was influence by some of the writers of this time period, the ideas of transcendentalism just reflected in her own work. The question still remains, “Are people supposed to consider Emily Dickinson a transcendentalist write?” Transcendentalist focus on many different characteristics. They believed that people should act according to their own free will. People were connected to God on a personal level, therefore did not need society telling them what was right and wrong. They also believed that everyone was connected to nature, and the love of nature was an important part of life. Self-reliance was also a characteristic that transcendentalists believed. Transcendentalists thought people should be able to rely on themselves, and not have to depend on anyone else. Along with those, being different was a popular belief. They did not believe in conforming to everyone else because they liked the idea of individualism. Transcendentalist had many beliefs that differ from what they were taught during that time period. The Transcendental movement ended when Dickinson was in her twenties. She was born in the middle of the movement, and grew up with a strict…

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