A Tranquil View Of Death Essay

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A tranquil view of death presented in Because I could not stop for Death Death is a reality for everyone. Yet for many people dying is a frightening consequence of living. Images of the grim reaper with his scythe ready to steal people from the land of the living have haunted many peoples’ nightmares. In her poem Because I could not stop for death Emily Dickinson’ through the tittle, personification, and meter and rhyme presents a peaceful and somewhat idealized version of dying. To begin with, The tittle of the poem helps convey Dickinson’s view of death as a peaceful and comforting experience. The poet chose the tittle with the poem’s theme in mind. Death kindly stops for speaker in the poem, the speaker does not die a violent or sudden tragic death, her life is busy she cannot make time for death so death makes time for her. This action by death is described as “kind” (2) Another important attribute to the calmness of Because I could not stop for Death is the imagery that sets a perfect scene for a peaceful death. In the first stanza of the poem, Dickinson paints a picture of death as gentleman. “ the Carriage held but ourselves” (3) makes it seem like the speaker is going on a romantic date with her significant other, but in reality she is having death take her to the afterlife. Instead of a quick life passed before your eyes it is a slow journey. In the third stanza the speaker and death pass by two things that represent life. First off they pass a schoolyard…

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