Essay on A Time Between Ashes And Roses

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A Time Between Ashes And Roses was originally written in Arabic in 1971 and translated in 2004 by Shawkat Toorawa. The author of the book is called Ali Ahmad Said Esber, known in the Western world as Adonis. He is a Syrian poet, essayist, translator and a literary critic. He is considered the most controversial literary figure in the Arab world during the second half of the twentieth century. His poems caused stern criticism by many Arab literary scholars and religious entities. As a result Adonis received death threats. He was forced to exile to Lebanon first where he worked to write poetry and teach at a university, then he moved to France when the civil war broke out in Lebanon in 1980. He is a perennial contender for the Nobel Prize in literature and he has been regularly nominated for the award since 1988. Shawkat Toorawa, on the other hand, is a professor of Arabic literature and Islamic studies at Yale University. He was born in London in 1963 to Mauritian parents of Indian origin. He has published extensively on classical, medieval and modern Arabic literature and has also published several translations from Arabic. He frequently translates Adonis’s poems although he mainly translates religious texts. My aim in my paper is to be able to assess the linguistic, literary, and aesthetic dimensions of the translation and to compare these to the source language in order to know Toorawa’s method of translation. Toorawa says in the afterword that…

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