A Teacher 's Beliefs Of Children With Adhd Essay

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Teacher’s Beliefs Given the recent spike in rates of ADHD in school age children, teachers are likely to teach several children with ADHD in their classrooms over the course of their careers, making teachers the ones on the front line when seeking referrals for children and carrying out school-based interventions. However, without sufficient knowledge of or preparation on ADHD and addressing children’s needs in the classroom, many teachers feel ill equipped to handle the many challenges that children with ADHD can attribute. In addition, they are less likely to request services or support for their students. In previous studies done by Barbaresi and Olsen with elementary school teachers, 98-100% of teachers felt they could benefit from more training on ADHD and behavior management (Barbaresi & Olsen, 1998). Developing effective ADHD training models for teachers involves an understanding of how teachers identify children with ADHD, and which teacher characteristics are most substantial for addressing teachers’ discernments and training needs. It is likely that teachers’ perceptions of students with ADHD affect their behavior with students and the students’ academic outcome. “Educational professionals must not only recognize the nature and consequences of the disorder, but also must be prepared to screen, assess, and intervene in a timely and empirically supported manner” (). Although the growth in ADHD research literature has enhanced our understanding of ADHD, provided…

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