A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essays

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Charles Dickens is utterly a famous author. He has written over fifteen literary works. One of which in “A Tale of Two Cities” and it takes place during the time of the French revolution. In this novel, a man by the name of Dr. Manette has been incarcerated for almost two decades. When he is discharged, he is mentally unstable, a friend of the family finds his daughter and the two reunite. Over a few years the man becomes stable again and is now working as a doctor. The daughter goes by the name of Lucie. A gentleman by the name of Charles Darnay falls in love with Lucie, however, another man, Sydney Carton, also admires Lucie, although he believes that he could never remain well-intentioned for Lucie, and avoids her. In the conclusion, Darnay marries Lucie. On the day of the wedding, Dr. Manette learns that Darnay is a French nobleman, it takes him for a bit of a shock, nonetheless willingly loves him. In the meantime, in Paris the people remain in rebellion and kill the Marquis, the steward transmits a letter to the recent Marquis, Darnay, and he sets off for Paris. He is taken prisoner, he is released when the Doctor comes and testifies in favor of him, however, he is taken prisoner once again, and this time the Doctor testifies against him. Darnay’s father and brother had murdered and raped a woman. The people decide to kill him; nevertheless Sydney Carton takes his place for the reason that they had the same appearance. “A Tale of Two Cities is interested in the darker…

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