A Study On The Spanish Inquisition Essay

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The 1850-1950 Deciding on what to write about was a bit of a challenge being that Judaism runs back for centuries. At first I was debating on doing my research project on the Spanish inquisition, but I already had previous knowledge on the topic and was looking for something new and interesting that I find worth my time to study on. I was then advised from a friend who had taken a similar class at Hofstra University to research this time period in America at the time. His professor had written a book on the time period of the civil war.
I looked into it and found that Jew’s at the time were fighting against each other during the war. Furthermore, some interesting facts about general grant and the Jews relationship with each other. I would be able to write a paper on the Jews during this time period, although the civil war era is not merely enough to carry through an entire century. So I decided to base it off the beginning of the civil war till the near beginning of the state of Israel.
Looking through the data that I’ve collected on the Jews during the time of the civil war through the mid 1900’s the United States has experienced rapid growth.
• 1850: 50,000-100,000
• 1860: 150,000-200,000
• 1870: 200,000
• 1880: 230:000-280:000
• 1890: 400,000-475,000
• 1900: 937,800-1,058,135
• 1910: 1,508,000-2,349,754
• 1920: 3,300,000-3,604,580
• 1927: 4,228,029
• 1937: 4,641,000-4,831,180
• 1940: 4,770,000-4,975,000
• 1950: 4,770,000-4,975,

During the mid-1800 was the…

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