Essay A Study On My Undergraduate Education

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My undergraduate education has been fulfilling and exciting but I simply cannot imagine ending my studies after only four years. I wish to earn a Ph.D. and ultimately become a professor so that I can continue learning through my students and research. Pursuing a graduate degree in the humanities would allow me to study the often-overlooked narratives of those with multiple oppressed identities and advocate for their understanding and acceptance. It would also give me ample opportunity to expand my knowledge and further develop skills to contextualize different identities and narratives of people from a variety of regions and background.

My course work as a Black Studies major has given me the ability to think critically and analyze others and myself in relation to the world. Through literature and classroom discussions, I’ve been provided with context through which to better understand different people and social issues. During my second semester as an undergrad, I realized that my coursework in the humanities, particularly in Black Studies, was providing me with skills and tools of analysis that were changing and expanding my world view. Black studies connect the individual stories of black people with the influence of societal power structures. Behind any story exists a unique sociocultural context and understanding this context allows one to derive greater understanding from a work. Black studies courses have made me realize that cultural context is important in…

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