A Study On Lourdes Rooney Is A Monthly Non Profit Student Market

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Lourdes Rooney is proposing a monthly non-profit student market. He intends to set up a forum where students can rent tables to hawk their goods. The students might get to keep the money they make, then Rooney proposes sending everything that doesn 't sell to charities, the Salvation Army, or a third world country. The money from renting out the tables would then be split up into $500 packages and distributed as bursaries. Despite the potential merit in the overall idea, the lack of a grammar check, overuse of buzzwords, and mismanaged headings make Rooney 's proposal unappealing.

Starting right at the subject line in the memo heading, the nature of the proposal is completely unclear. Only after reading the Introduction does the subject become clear, making it difficult to assess at a glance weather or not there is any merit to the proposal. The Summary, instead of immediately stating what Rooney wants to accomplish, natters on about how economical and environmentally conscious this project is while completely glossing over what he 's proposing. No subheadings are used, leading to a disarray of information and what looks like pieces of the proposal that are in the wrong section entirely without the context of a title. Throughout the rest of the proposal, a picture slowly comes together of Rooney 's plan, though by the time the information that should have been presented in the Summary is made clear, the proposal is over.

There is no specified schedule for starting up the…

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