A Streetcar Named Desire Character Analysis

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In A Streetcar Named Desire, two of the main characters are Blanche Dubois and Stella Kowalski, whom are sisters. Blanche is older than Stella, but refers to Stella has her older sister, because Blanche is obsessed with the idea of staying young. Although, the sisters had grew up in the same household together, their personalities differ completely from each other. Blanche is romantic, and idealistic. Stella is simple, humble, and realistic. Their personality differences is the reason the two had very different lives. Blanche and Stella both grew up on their high-class family plantation, Bell Reve, located in Laurel, Mississippi. Stella had escaped from the upper-class southern to New Orleans. Blanche accused Stella of abandoning the family …show more content…
She had been seen with many men, and developed quite a reputation. She had been fired from her teaching job for having a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old boy. Blanche had married a very young man, who had committed suicide after Blanche walked in on him having relations with another man. After his suicide, Blanche became mentally unstable. This tragedy forced her into an alcohol addiction, and she lusted after young men to fill the void she had for her deceased husband. You can see that Blanche holds onto the memory of the tragic loss of her young husband by in scene two, when Stanley goes through Blanche’s suitcase looking for the bill of sale for the estate of Bell Reve, because he thinks Blanche sold the property, keeping all the money for herself, and swindling her sister out of the money. Stanley scatters Blanche’s evening wear, and holds out a fox-fur piece, asking Stella “You think she got them out of teachers pay?” (A Streetcar Named Desire, Scene Two) Stanley doesn’t find the bill of sale, but he finds love letters from Blanche’s deceased husband. Blanche then cries out, grabs for the love letters as they fall to the floor. Blanche then yells “Now that you’ve touched them I’ll burn them!” (A Streetcar Named Desire, Scene

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