Essay about A Stranger Among Us

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A Stranger Among Us A Stranger Among Us is a movie that displays many aspects of ethnicity, and how many different groups of people interact and adapt to each other’s difference. There is a murder and a detective named Emily Eden has to place herself into a Jewish community to help solve this murder. In the film there is several groups displayed and many different perspectives, along with an ethnic neighborhood and lots of learning about the Hasidic culture, and Detective Eden made some crucial mistakes in unraveling the murder. Also, this is a movie that is beneficial to everyone in our class. The groups in the film are not only ethnic groups but also groups involving occupations. There are two main ethnic groups that interact in the …show more content…
The first time she is their she learns that women’s legs and arms must always be covered up – due to the fact that when she takes her jacket off while wearing a skirt and sits down, Leah covers her skin up with blankets. She also learns that the reason all the men have their hair the way that they do is because the Torah says that they are not to cut their hair in that exact spot. She is baffled at the fact that there are 613 commandments that must be followed. She also experiences how mirrors are covered and shoes aren’t worn after a death, and how meat and dairy must be stored in separate refrigerators. Detective Eden made many mistakes in the film. In the opening scene, she does not call for back when trying to make an arrest, and her partner Nick gets stabbed. While trying to solve the case she goes after the mob, again without calling for backup. The mob members run and she unlawfully discharges her weapon in the air because her life was not even in danger. Eventually she kills the mob men and it turns out they are not the one’s responsible for the murder or Yakka. I think that it is valuable to show A Stranger Among Us to the class because without watching it, the students would not have experienced and gotten to see for ourselves what the Hasidic culture is like. Lastly, I think that it was very interesting to see how the culture of Detective Eden and the Hasidim interact –

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