A Speech On The Picture Of A Movie Or Song Do You Know What That Director Or Artist

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Picture your favorite movie or song do you know what that director or artist is trying to get across to the audience? Movies, television, shows, plays, music, and art are all an exhibit of entertainment of some sort. All these things have a meaning that they want to convey you. In deaf culture this is no different, the teller of these stories, or movies, or means of entertainment is conveying some sort of message to the audience. Marlee Matlin a famous deaf actress is a teller not only to the deaf community, but to hearing as well. Marlee Matlin became very well known for her role on the Oscar winning movie Children of a Lesser God, and was therefore thrown into the world of spotlight, and the platform that goes along with it.
The teller can be heard, and seen in all types of productions for entertainment. The teller has to make that connection with the audience to captivate them, and to be successful in conveying the message they want to get across to their audience. In the deaf community this can be even harder for the teller as the audience has certain preferences during performances. But when deaf theater was first started the predominant amount of the audience was hearing so the teller had to be able to adapt to this. Marlee did not only theater, but managed to cross over to the fiml realm while managing to keep her audience base, while simultaneously expanding it.
Consequently her rise to the top though was not always easy especially being deaf she had to fight through…

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