Essay on A Song Called The A Team Sung By Ed Sheeran

1985 Words Jul 25th, 2015 8 Pages
I have chosen to critically analyze a song called The A team sung by Ed Sheeran. This song is about a women who is a homeless person who has an addiction to crack cocaine. She is severely dependent on crack cocaine and to satisfy her addiction she uses prostitution as a way to pay for her drug use. The title of the song The A Team represents the Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine which are classified to have the highest potential of drug abuse (Lehman, 2009). The lyrics of the song speaks of her pain and suffering how she wants to quite her drug abuse, but the rush and the euphoria of the high from taking drugs give her a chance to escape reality and enter a different world. (Lehman, 2009) The song is based on a true story, the singer Ed Sheeran actually dedicated this song to a women named Angel who he met when he used to volunteer at a homeless shelter. He explains how this song is Angel’s story of her struggle through her addiction. After working at the shelter, Ed Sheeran explains how his experience really changed his perspective and made him realize what life is like for people at the shelter like Angel. I think the lyrics of the song illustrates a strong message to the audience of Angles hardship with her addiction in a society where everybody is in a haste for everything and are self-indulged in their own worlds. The song does not only speak to those who are addicts, but also to those individuals who see such environments of drug abuse and homelessness and…

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