A Society 's Applied Values And Sanctions Essay

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In order to comprehend other people’s culture or even our own culture, we must analyze a society’s applied values and sanctions. By assessing these applications, we will have a finer understanding of that culture’s social interactions, have an in-depth view of what they hold worthy in their lives, and cognize why they function the way they do. Every culture has their own worldview. Through this worldview filter, they are capable of creating their own values- what they find desirable in life- and sanctions- ways people react to the abiding of or infringement of norms-to emphasize what they find important.(Henslin 49) Therefore, each individual culture will have its own and diverse system of values and sanctions. We will begin by discussing some values that were violated in order to examine the types of norms and consequences. The author Henslin states that norms developed out of a group’s values and are considered the proper rules of behavior; there are two types of norms- folkways are norms that are not strictly enforced while mores are norms that are viewed as completely inappropriate and, if broken, will end with dire consequences (Henslin 49). Luckily, I broke and was able to observe people breaking folkways, the one with the lesser consequences. One sunny morning I absorbed an old man taking a morning stroll around the neighborhood. He waved hello to me and every passing car and person he saw which subsequently made me smile. After going to the store for some…

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