A Small Place By Jamaica Kincaid Essay

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Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place is a piece of realistic fiction that describes the impact of tourism on the small island of Antigua. It provides a blunt and critical look at post-colonial society in Antiqua and is a significant piece in the canon of postcolonial Caribbean literature. Through an assertive yet poetic voice, Kincaid takes the reader on a highly descriptive and personalized tour of Antigua presenting a surprising and sometimes startlingly dark outlook on the tourism industry of the West Indies. This paper will demonstrate how “A Small Place” fits into the canon of postcolonial literature by exploring three significant aspects of the work. Kincaid cleverly outlines the growth of the tourism industry in the 1970’s in the aftermath of the end of British rule. She portrays her own love/hate relationship to the British colonial rule - something that makes this piece unique in voice but this type of exploration is common to postcolonial literature. In Kincaid’s work, she chooses to refer all visitors to the island and readers as “you” and so depersonalizes them. This creates as aggressive “us” against “them” feeling in the piece. The choice of the pronoun “you” constantly challenges the colonial hierarchy and perceived elevated social status of the visitors. This creates a certain shock value while Kincaid’s descriptions and the associations she makes towards the reader become more and more abrasive which makes her work more prevalent and bold in contrast to…

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