A Slave 's Motivation By Robert Newsom Essay

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A Slave’s Motivation Master Robert Newsom knows no God or have morals because he commits a harsh crime upon a child, Celia. A man of status, with faith and a man said to have morals, Celia’s master felt entitled. Celia’s trial reveals the injustice and the minds of white men for women and slaves which resulted in the death of Celia, a slave girl. The white man’s many justifications of laws, politics, power, religion, money, morals, status and human worth which is supported by their deep rooted southern philosophy prevented Celia’s truths to prevail and keep her alive. The question to ask is, “Is justice blind?” Celia’s crime provoked by the five years prior when Master Robert Newsom rapes and has continuous sexual acts on Celia as a child. “A healthy sixty years of age, Newsom needed more than a hostess….he required a sexual partner.” (McLaurin 18). Master Robert Newsom relationship with Celia is twisted. Master Robert Newsom purchased Celia at age 14, but his intentions of buying her were to make Celia his sexual partner. Robert Newsom was without a wife and needed someone to fulfill his desires as a man. “Whatever her circumstances, she might well have faced her transfer to a new master with fear and foreboding.”(McLaurin 24). Approximately five years, Celia was an object or property for Master Newsom. She was a sex slave. In this time of history, it was known that slave owners sexually abused the young female slaves. Celia is in love and wants to be with the man of…

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